2022 Kia K5 2.5L Turbo (Smart Key): DB3


PK-Immobilizer Bypass-Data No Key Req'd
AV-Parking Lights Control
DL-Arm Factory Security
DL-Disarm Factory Security
DL-Door Lock Control
DL-Door Unlock
DL-Driver Priority Unlock
DL-Trunk / Hatch Release
FOB-Control of aftermarket alarm with OEM remote
RS-3x LOCK START (Start control using OEM Remote)
RS-3x LOCK STOP (Stop control using OEM Remote)
RS-RAP Shut Down (Retained ACC Power)
RS-Remote Start Ready
RS-Remote Start Takeover
RS-Tach / RPM Output
SS-Entry Monitoring ALL Door Pins
SS-Entry Monitoring Hood Pin
SS-Entry Monitoring Trunk/Hatch Pin
SS-Factory Alarm Trigger Monitoring
ST-Brake Status (foot brake)
ST-Door Locks Status
ST-E-Brake Status
ST-Ignition Status