Installer Testimonials

Installer Testimonials

Find below a small sample of Testimonials sent to Directed from thousands of happy installers.

Directed is 100% committed to providing the best solutions to our customers and we welcome your comments - wither positive or negative. Thanks in advance for any comments /suggestions which you may make. Please click here to send us your testimonials.

Adrian Samson

St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
The only bypass that works as well as it should in European vehicles and works just as well or better than others in the rest of the vehicles I've installed it in!

Jeremy Langley

Autosound of Lexington
Lexington, Ky, United States
The Dball has been a great addition to the bypass kit community. We look forward to more great solutions to be added to the Dball firwares!

Ryan White

Visions Electronics
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The DBALL is my absolute favorite bypass kit to install. By far the best module for any Nissan or VW/Audi that comes into your shop.

Ryan White

Visions Electronics
Edmonton, Albera, Canada
By far the DBALL is the best interface i have every used in European Vehicles. It is 2nd to none.

Dayne Mielken

Visions Electronics
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Problem resolustion was timely and efficient. Love the new Live Chat and XpressTracker features. Keep up the great work!

Alex Alexiou

One Stop Car Audio
Northfield, NJ, US
Trust me – once you try the new DBALL you’ll never look at another bypass again. It works great!

Brian Ignaski

Xtreme Car & Truck Accessories
Bridgeville, PA, US
It seems that the DBALL will be a great reliable product to have on the shelf. It's great to have DB control for Toyota door locks. It programs very easily and quickly. The instruction manual is very detailed and super easy to follow. Seems to be a sturdy piece and the pins don't fall out of the harness. I was really not interested in even hearing about DBALL until I used a couple. Now I have no problem keeping them in stock. Can't wait to try one on a Dodge.